Mayra Pena - Project Coordinator and Social Media Manager

Currently, I'm working in the greater Seattle, Washington area, and virtually speaking, anywhere in the US. I'm also a wife, singer, gardener, and healthy foodie.

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  • Mayra Pena

    Mayra Pena

    I thrive in project-based environments where I can bring the different elements of complex activities into a pleasing relationship that ensures efficiency and harmony.        

  • Fall


    I want to share here some of the graphics that I created using Photoshop. All of them were for client Facebook/blog posts. Fall, my favorite season . . .

  • The Triad Theater

    The Triad Theater

    Loved working with the Triad . . . a real bohemian theater

  • Jennifer Landa, MD

    Jennifer Landa, MD

    One of my earlier graphics of Dr. Jen’s quotable quotes.

  • The Triad Theater

    The Triad Theater

    I was going for the “poster style” image so often used by the entertainment industry.

  • The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

    The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

    The Kiss is so romantic and perfect for Dr. Jen’s quote!

  • Winter


  • Coco


  • Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day

  • The Hormone Quiz

    The Hormone Quiz

    For Dr. Jen, Hormone Expert MD. Take the FREE quiz to see if your hormones are balanced!

  • Enter to Win!

    Enter to Win!

    One of 14 graphics for a Facebook sweepstakes with Dr. Jen and The Sinclair Institute®.

  • Summer Romance Sweepstakes

    Summer Romance Sweepstakes

    This was part of a series for a summer romance sweepstakes on Facebook with Dr. Jen Landa and The Sinclair Institute®.